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RedPhoneNorthwest Comms will locate and rectify any faults where possible.  We say this as some faults may be down to your service provider, and these faults we can only advise you on.  It has been known in many cases that the service provider has misinformed the customer that the fault is internal when, in fact, the fault has been the provider's responsibility.  Northwest Comms will advise you within minutes of arrival if the problem should be rectified by the service provider, or whether it is a customer issue.  We will always work with our customers to get any faults fixed and service resumed in as short a time as possible.

We can install new sockets, replace old sockets and sort out that horrible crackle on your lines. 

Northwest Comms are residential telephone engineers who work with any provider.

Northwest Comms can run health check and speed tests on your phone lines to assist in rectifying voice and broadband issues.

Northwest Comms offer a 12 month guarantee on all work we carry out.  We use the same genuine parts that BT or Virgin would supply, but at a fraction of the cost that those providers ask for.  We dont supply any substandard sockets or cabling.  Why would we when we offer such a fantastic guarantee on our work?

Where possible we make sure that any cabling is hidden so that there are no unsighly wires on show.  You can see from some of our testimonials that we provide quality solutions at a low cost. 

Why wait?  Get in touch on 07870 588001.

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