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Ken McGinty
Nov, 2014
Fixed a faulty socket upstairs after previous occupants of property had tried there own botch job.

Brilliant service, quickly done, great price (£100 less than Sky quoted).
Paul from Woolton
Sep, 2014
Used company to install two extensions. Work completed at the agreed price - no problems.
Would recommend them
Sep, 2013
I had problems with my broadband and phone connection, they arrived at the arranged time, were very professional and resolved the issue, at a very low cost.
Aug, 2013
I had an extension put in my bedroom.the work was neat and tidy, phone works great price was reasonable.
Hilda Smith
Aug, 2013
I was having crackling on my line and Northwest Comms came to install a new master socket. They were cheap and reliable. Thanks
Jul, 2013
Northwest Comms installed a new socket for me as I was getting crackling when I was having a telephone conversation. I haven't had the problem since the line was changed and at such a good price it was well worth getting fixed. Thanks Northwest Comms!
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